Januar 1, 2004
Ro Clausman
pilgrims of sound
Producer: Wolfgang Obrecht & Ro Clausman
Number of discs: 1

Probably everybody dreams of being as rich as these three appaer: swimming in money, a fantastic contract, a sudden stroke of good fortune to blow away all one´s problems,

no need to work anymore, breezing along and living to the max.

However, the tresure relating to the song „Rich“ is much more a symbol of „inner“ wealth.

Having a lot of money, being able to buy everthing surely doesn´t imply that one is happy. „Rich“ concerning the „inner“ life means:

The more Love you have, the more you can give and the more you give, the more you´ll get back. Living according to this principle with all your heart is filling your life with real wealth. Then you´ll be a rich person in the sense of this song.

The song „Stay with me“ as well as „Mine“ are about the joy- and painful experience of a first deep love, which sometimes happens during youth:

being together, separating and reuniting again…

„Believer“ is about a person, who has experienced differebt relationships ending in disharmony. And now he/she is looking for a new friend, still holding on in the belief of true love.

„Break Free“ is Ro´s most personal song, reflecting his last bond of love.

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